Senior Management Team

Janelle Krasucki – Cooper
Chief Executive Officer (CEO):  The CEO is responsible for the successful and efficient administration and implementation of the Agency’s policies and programs. The CEO reports to the Board of Directors and acts as the highest ranking official in the Senior Management Team.

Donna Robbins
Chief Operations Officer (COO): 
The COO oversees the day to day running of the Agency and reports directly to the CEO. The COO administers the Human Resources Department and ensures that the policies and procedures are correctly interpreted and adhered to by all agency staff.

Lou M. Martino Jr.
Chief Financial Officer (CFO): The CFO is responsible for all fiscal tasks and procedures within the Agency. The CFO directly administers the Financial Coordinators listed below.


Lori-Lynn Lancaster
Human Resources Director (HR Director):  The HR Director is responsible for all human resource services within the agency, including but not limited to: payroll, benefits, staff orientation/exit interviews, etc.

Rosanna Roberson
Human Resources Manager: The HR Coordinator provides comprehensive administrative support to the HR Director and staff; including, but not limited to, benefits, payroll issues, and record-keeping.

Michelle Catalano
Financial Assistant:
The Financial Assistant assists the CFO with the processing and tracking of finances being brought into and sent out of the agency, along with required reporting.

Donna Johnson
Program Administrator: 
The Program Administrator is responsible for overseeing various programs under the Wayne County Action Program, Inc. umbrella. He or she is also charged with acting as an Agency representative at various community events and meetings across the county.