Board of Directors

2016 Members Include:

Official Sector:

Paul Ferindino – Village of Clyde Trustee

Monica Deyo – Town of Marion Supervisor

Mike Jankowski – Wayne County Clerk

Brian Manktelow – Town of Lyons Supervisor

Larry Ruth – Town of Walworth Councilman

Private Sector

Mary Lester – Early Childhood Development Representative

M. Josh McCrossen – Commissioner of DSS

Sgt. Fred Crane, Jr. – Wayne County Sheriff

Jay Roscup – Friends of WayneCAP Chair

John Zornow – Senior Population Representative

Low-Income Sector

Alan Herrmann – Palmyra Area Representative

Joe Bissell – Sodus Area Representative

Christina Bellinger – Wolcott Area Representative

Cesar Ortiz – Lyons Community Center

Tara LaMagna – Head Start Policy Council Representative

Deborah VanHousen – Lyons Area Representative

The purposes for which the board is formed are:

  1. To encourage the development of the community programs designed to eliminate poverty, to itself make such proposals, and to conduct programs as needed.
  2. To develop research and evaluation procedures in connection with all programs including technical advice when necessary.
  3. To conduct with existing or new community agencies for the conduct and administration of the aforesaid community programs.
  4. To receive and disburse the funds necessary to the foregoing.

The corporation shall not be conducted or operated for profit and no part of its income of earnings shall inure to the benefit of any member or private person, corporate, or individual, and none of such income and earnings nor any other assets or property of the corporation shall be used otherwise than for any of the purposes of the corporation.