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Roc the Day for WayneCAP!  Check out some Success Stories below and help us to continue making a difference!


Advantage After School ProgramWe have a student in whose afterschool attendance this year was sporadic at first.  He was having trouble completing the homework assigned to him.  This was causing him to get poor grades.  Around the same time he started going with us to the Trail of Hope during program.  He really started to connect with the activities we were working on.  As a result he began to attend program more and more regularly and currently comes nearly every day.  This improvement in attendance allowed us to provide help during Homework Harbor.  He has been getting his homework done much more often and his teachers report that he has really begun to improve his grades.

Head StartOne little boy has come a long way. When he first came into the classroom he was very low with his language and wouldn’t play with the other kids. He would play in the same area just not with them. He also wouldn’t participate in music and movement or large group activities because he became too overwhelmed. He is now using complete sentences. He plays with the other children in the classroom and asked them to play with him. The support found in the Head Start program has changed this child’s life! 

Senior Services An older woman called the office around noon to request a ride for an appointment to the Hearing Doctor in Clifton Springs. She said that her family agreed that they would bring her, but three times had cancelled out on their promises. Her problem was that her appointment was for that afternoon. The Volunteer Transportation Corps requires a 7-10 day notice for appointments because it is nearly impossible to find a volunteer to drive on such a short notice. However, her doctor’s office had an opening for the following afternoon and on the second call to our volunteers, we found a willing driver! This woman was very appreciative to get a ride!

Success Center / Transitional House Being in transition is never an easy task and it can have negative repercussion on your attitude as it did for one resident at our Transitional House. After a time of negative behavior, our resident realized that it was hindering their ability to accomplish their goals.  Our staff worked with the resident to make amends with those she had had a negative attitude with, began volunteering and has successfully completed their stay at the Success Center!

Wayne CAP WorksA student from a previous Wayne Table Works class had a goal to work at a local grocery chain, and work his way up from there.  He excelled in the class, and showed perseverance and dedication to reach his goals. Shortly after his successful completion of the class he reached his initial goal of gaining employment at the local grocery chain!

WeatherizationThis month we are pleased to report on a client who was recently served by our Energy Reduction Services program. Upon Audit inspection, completion of services and client education this dwelling realized a 21% reduction in household electrical consumption which equates to $298 of annual savings. Additionally, this dwelling will realize a 41.63 mm BTU reduction in heating losses which equates to $583 of annual savings. This family will be living in a safer, more energy efficient living situation for many years to come.

Youth and Family InterventionFrom a Mom attending Parent Enhancement Programming:

“I have learned more about helping my kids and myself. The classes made me better to handle things with the kids the right way instead of the wrong way. I learned how to deal with difficulties. I learned how to keep myself calm and work with my son… If I didn’t take these classes nothing would get better for me or my kids. I like being in the classes to learn more things. I like the people who do the classes because they do a good job, I have respect for them, and I like meeting other people in the class. I would tell others of these classes.” This client will be reunited with their children in the next few weeks.  

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