HS 2014 Annual Report

2012 Head Start /Early Head Start Annual Report

head startDo you want to know what time it is? Time to think about the Fall? Fall, you say? Why yes! We here at WCAP Inc.-Head Start are beginning to start applications for the Fall for any children that want to enroll in our center based or home based programs! We offer programs for all ages birth to age 5! Call a center near you to learn more and fill out an applciation for your child!

Head Start / Early Head Start is a federally funded program that provides comprehensive services to pregnant women, infants, toddlers, preschool children and their families.  Services are provided in the areas of: education, health, nutrition, family services, parent involvement and mental health.  The program philosophy recognizes parents as the primary educators of their children. We welcome and encourage parent involvement in all program functions and work as partners with the family. Special efforts are made to provide services for children with special needs.

We are serving hundreds of children and families at our seven sites: Ontario, Sodus, Huron, Clyde, Lyons, Newark and Palmyra.  For more information contact the Head Start Administrative Center or the center nearest you!! All information at the bottom of this page!

Who is Eligible?
Residents of Wayne County
Early Head Start serves pregnant mothers and children birth to 3 years of age, Head Start serves children 3 and 4 years old.
Eligibility is based on annual income and family size


Automatic Qualifications:
*Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
*Foster Children
*Receiving Public Assistance

*A special effort is made to recruit children with disabilities for each center.  Related services are provided on site.

What are our goals?
*To heighten the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of young children
*To ensure the mental health of children and families
*To foster secure attachment and health relationships between children and parents
*To promote educational opportunities for families
*To promote independence and self-sufficiency for families
*To provide information to encourage positive community involvement

What Services do we Provide?
*Home visits
*Family Times
*Development assessments of infants and toddlers
*Parent and family assessments
*Assistance in accessing health, dental and mental health services
*Parent support Groups
*Referrals and assistance accessing vocational training, literacy training, G.E.D classes, Social Services and Early Intervention programming

If interested please contact us one of the following ways:
Main Location: 28 Canal St Lyons, NY 14489 – 315.946.1259 –
Email Me  
Head Start: 214 E. Dezeng St. Clyde, NY 14433 – 315.923.4782
Huron Head Start: 11359 Ridge Rd Wolcott, NY 14590 – 315.594.6122
Lyons Head Start: 6 Clyde Rd Lyons, NY 14489 – 315.946.5388 
Newark Head Start: 301 Stuart Ave Newark, NY 14513 – 315.331.8172
Ontario Head Start: 1730 Ridge Rd Ontario Center, NY 14520 – 315.524.1140
Palmyra Head Start: 120 East Main St Palmyra, NY 14522 – 315.597.0279
Sodus Head Start: 7192 Ridge Rd East Sodus, NY 14551 – 315.483.6789

Below see three generations of Head Start Directors!

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