Wayne County Action Program, Inc. Weatherization program is committed to helping eligible clients save money by reducing their heating and energy costs.  Our goals are to ensure health, safety and efficiency.  We also focus on working with other agencies throughout the counties we work in to guarantee the complete satisfaction of our clients, as well as to achieve considerable energy savings.

Weatherization Assistance Program:
Since the 1970’s our Weatherization program has helped low-income homeowners and renters conserve energy, lower heating bills, and keep their homes warm in frigid temperatures.  National research studies indicate that weatherized homes save 25%-35% on winter heating bills.  Our Weatherization program is a federally funded program that operates in Wayne and Ontario counties providing services such as: health and safety checks, attic and sidewall insulation, window and door repairs, weather-stripping, pipe wrap and caulking around doors and windows

Heating systems are cleaned, repaired or replaced, and in some cases, windows and exterior doors are replaced.

All services, performed by an in-house crew and professional energy auditors, are free of charge to Wayne and Ontario county residents who’s incomes are at or below the program guidelines.

2018 Income Guidelines 

WAP 2018 Income Guidelines

Local Inquiries can be made to the Wayne CAP Sodus Campus by one of the below methods:
Main Location: 7188 Ridge Rd E Sodus, NY 14551
Phone: 315.483.8761