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Youth Intervention Services: Youth Programs provide crises intervention and case management services.

Intensive Parenting Education and Support Program offers home-based family education, family development / empowerment support and advocacy services for families and their children. This program works with families participating in the FACT (Family and Community Together) program provided by the County Aging and Youth Department

The Wayne Intensive Respite Program provides three levels of free voluntary short-term out-of-home care for children and youth whom are emotionally, mentally and behaviorally challenged between the ages of 8-18 years old, who may be at-risk of out-of-home placement.

Parenting programs provide a variety of parent education programs designed to help in all stages of parenting, from pre-natal through teen.  These programs provides a confidential, non-judgmental support system that teaches parents the tools they need on how to manage stress, control problem behaviors, build self-esteem, and how to build  healthier relationships with their children.

PACT (Parents and Children Together) provides in home crises interventions and parenting in collaboration with Victims Resource Center.

Parenting in Jail provides parent education and life skills to inmates at the Wayne County Jail.  We also offer family practice time which allows inmates to share one on one time with their children.

NY State Certified ACT (Assisting Children through Transitions) is a program that provides critical comprehensive information for families that are separating or divorcing.

For more information contact Youth & Family Intervention Services by one of the below methods:
7190 Ridge Rd Sodus, NY 14551
Phone: 315-553-2401
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Here are some of our wonderful YFIP staff representing Community Action!