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The Wayne County Action Program, Inc.  is proud to be a part of the Wayne County Veteran Service Advisory Committee.  VSAC members represent a variety of dedicated organizations and governing bodies, striving to serve the veterans of Wayne County and beyond: diligently working to guarantee that the veterans in our communities are receiving all the services that they require and deserve.

The Committee meets once a month, not only to update members on events, projects, and new services but also to discuss issues, host events, and attend to the needs of veterans, current military members, and military families.

The Veteran Service Advisory Committee is only as strong as the people who are serving on the Committee; we are ALWAYS looking for more dedicated, enthusiastic individuals to join us at our meetings.

Meetings are held at the Wayne County Public Safety Building 7376 State Hwy 31 #1000 in Lyons on the first Wednesday of every month at 9 a.m.  For more information please contact the Wayne County Veteran Service Advisory Committee at waynecountyvsac@gmail.com

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2013 Wayne County Veteran Service Summit

On March 6th 2013, the Veteran Service Advisory Committee hosted the first Wayne County Veteran Service Summit.  The Summit focused on veteran unemployment and homelessness, and gave service providers from Wayne and surrounding counties the opportunity to share knowledge about current and proposed services to and for veterans and military families.

During the Summit, a Wayne County Veteran, Gordon White, was moved to share a poem he wrote about the struggles veterans across the nation face, including those who call our county home. This poem not only pulls on the heartstrings of listeners, but also calls the community into action, challenging the community at large to give our veterans a helping hand up in any way we can.

Poem written by Mr. Gordon White — Wayne County Veteran

To Our Homeless Vets and Those out of a Job

When we have done our best for the USA why doesn’t someone give us a helping hand right here in the Promised Land.

For no matter the color of our skin or the faith we believe it is the same for when we bleed the color of our skin is the same. Red for all of us.

No greater love has no man or woman than to lay down their lives for another. For all are going home to a reward laid up for us from the very beginning of our nation. God bless America once more.